Take the tediousness out of team building

Look, the term “team-building” gets an eyeroll at the best of time, but this isn’t the 90s and no one trusts that weird guy from Accounts to catch them as they fall backwards into the “circle of trust”. Sky Zone work parties are about letting go, having a good time and hilarious jokes about telling your boss to go jump.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to the usual 'stand around chatting' event how about unleashing the fun with a session at Sky Zone? On top of our regular jumping, flipping, dodging and dunking activities we can also provide private party rooms, hosts and catering. Our cracking team of chefs are on standby with a healthy range of food options prepared on-site, with the freshest quality food.

So whether you’re a team of high-flying business execs wanting to let your hair down or an under-13s basketball team looking for some serious off-court fun, Sky Zone is the best place for group and work functions.

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