Trampolining health benefits

Ready to give trampolining a try?

Everybody knows that bouncing on a trampoline offers hours of uncomplicated fun! Whether you are simply jumping for the sky, or trying new tricks and games, trampolining brings a smile to people of all ages. Did you know that trampolining also offers a wide range of health benefits? Some of surprising health benefits associated with trampolining include:

1. Improved cardiovascular fitness

Jumping up and down on a trampoline improves heart health, strengthens your cardiovascular system and burns calories fast. In fact, people often underestimate just how hard you work out while jumping on a trampoline. A recent study by NASA found that trampolining can offer a better cardio workout than 33 minutes of running! Did we mention that trampolining is more fun than running too?

2. Improves bone strength

Trampolining is a great way to build bone strength, and also offers a low impact way to strengthen ligaments and tendons. While bouncing on a trampoline, a person’s bones bear weight and work against gravity to improve critical bone density.

3. Enhances core stability

Bouncing on a trampoline engages both your lower and upper muscle groups for stability, including core muscles. In addition, each bounce improves your balance and will assist to develop bilateral motor skills to safely coordinate movements between your arms and legs.

Ready to give trampolining a try?

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