Bouncing High on the World’s Safest Trampoline Court

Sky Zone isn’t just the world’s first full trampoline park – it’s now also the safest.

Sky Zone Macgregor’s trampoline courts are now decked with the innovative Vuly Fusion trampolines, providing maximum safety and full, unrestricted bouncing for everyone. The pad-less Vuly Fusion trampolines offer bouncing unlike any other, offering powerful rebound with less trip hazards and bounce barriers.

By going pad-free, Vuly Fusion effectively removes the points of contact and intersecting contact zones that plague standard trampoline courts. This gives you a wider and more open bouncing area – up to 65% bigger than traditional trampoline courts – giving you more freedom to bounce wherever you want.

Pad-less bouncing

Vuly Fusion boasts an innovative design that uses unique Leaf Springs under the jump mats, which eliminates the need for pads and seams in traditional trampolines. All that’s left is the spring, frame and padding contact, giving you more room and freedom to bounce.

Unparalleled Safety

Fusion trampolines remove the intersecting contact zones your average trampoline court often has, eliminating trip hazards and minimising the likelihood of collisions with other players. In fact, tests have shown that Vuly Fusion reduces injury rates by 90% compared to standard padded trampoline courts of the same size.

Designed by experts

Our Fusion trampolines are designed by Vuly Play, who are renowned for their zero-spring backyard trampolines. Over the past 10 years, Vuly has continually set the bar for trampoline safety and injury prevention in Australia, with the Fusion trampoline technology among their latest innovations.

Bounce like you’ve never bounced before with Vuly Fusion trampolines at Sky Zone Macgregor.

Find out more about Vuly here.