Sky Zone e-Gift Cards

Add some spring to their step

Want to put some boing into a birthday? Celebrating a sky high achievement? Think someone could get their head in the clouds this Christmas? A Sky Zone voucher is the ultimate anti-gravity gift. Use it on activities, drinks or something delicious.

Sky Zone gift cards can currently only be redeemed in-venue, but are able to be used at any Sky Zone in Australia. Simply print it out or show it on your mobile device in venue to redeem.


Purchase your Sky Zone e-Gift Card


How does my friend receive their gift card?

We like to keep it online. We can either deliver it straight to their inbox if you have their email address, or we can email it to you and you can print it off for your pal.

Where can I use my gift card?

Sky Zone gift cards can be used at any Sky Zone in Australia as well as all other Australian Funlab venues. This includes Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, B. Lucky & Sons, Holey Moley Golf Club or Strike Bowling.

What can I use my gift card on?

Activities! Food! Drinks! In any Australian Funlab venue!

Can I use my gift card to pay for an online activity or party booking?

Not yet unfortunately! You’ll need to redeem your gift card in-venue.

What if my gift card is lost or stolen?

Treat these guys like cash. Unfortunately lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced.

Is my personal information protected?

Sure is, cowboy. We use worldwide payment gateway Stripe and do not share your details with anyone.

Do Sky Zone gift cards expire?

Yes, they expire 36 months from the date of issue.

How many times can I use my gift card?

You can use your gift card in our venues however many times it takes until the balance reaches zero.