Indoor rock climbing: It's just a matter of climb

Sky Climb. It’s Sky Zone’s newest sky high pursuit. Clip on your safety harness, start climbing and scale the skies. Whether you’re on your own or with a crew, you don't need anyone to catch you on the way down – our auto-belay braking system takes care of you.

Sky Zone brings you the funnest climbing gym for you to scale the skies. Clamber your way through a variety of rock climbing walls and obstacles and challenge your friends to come out on top.

Our auto-belay braking system makes it fun and safe for everyone. Clip on your safety harness and start climbing!

It’s next level fun. Literally.

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Please note that Sky Climb can be a bit tricky. For this rock climbing for kids experience, climbers must be at least five-years-old or 110cm+.

Rock Climbing Activities

How does it work?


Arrive on the hour

You turn up, check in at main reception, get your swish wristband and head to the climbing area.


Briefing quarter past the hour

We run you through a compulsory session briefing – safety first!


Climbing on the half hour

You’re off. Clip on your safety harness, start climbing, scale the skies.


What time should I arrive to Sky Zone?

All guests are required to arrive on the hour for their climb time to attend the Sky Climb safety briefing. It is compulsory to attend the safety briefing prior to climbing, if you are late to the safety briefing you may risk being refused entry to the climbing area. Sky Climb is as easy as A-B-C - refer to 'How it works' above.

Do I have to belay my friend while they are climbing at Sky Zone?

Our automatic belay system lowers guests slowly and safely to the ground when they are at the top of the wall.

Safety is up there as our highest priority

Getting hurt isn’t fun for anyone. We have trained staff in all Sky Climb venues to make sure you’re soaring safely.

Booked a special jump and climb package?

Jumping always comes first. Once your jump hour’s up, get your shoes back on and head to the Sky Climb area for your safety briefing at quarter past the hour. Make sure you don’t lose that wristband!

Fun sells out fast

We reach capacity pretty quickly, so make sure you check out the website before arriving to make sure there’s a spare spot available!

How old do you have to be to climb?

Climbers must be at least five-years-old or 110cm+.

How much do the Leap of Faith and Sky Drop cost at Sky Zone?

For an extra $5, thrill-seekers can find their fix at the Leap of Faith or take on the Sky Drop speed slide. Book online to make sure you don’t miss out. Or chance it and try to grab a ticket on arrival.

No harness, no hang time

Our staff will assist with putting on your Sky Climb approved harness and check it is on correctly. Parents and guardians can come into the Sky Climb area to assist with their kids. It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing which can be worn comfortable under a harness.

You must have closed-in shoes

To avoid injuries, it’s important to keep those feet completely covered. All climbers must wear closed-in shoes. No closed-in shoes = no climbing.

Do I have to sign a waiver to visit Sky Zone?

Yes, due to new health and safety standards before arriving at Sky Zone please complete and sign the online Sky Zone waiver here. This should take you less than 1 minute to complete. We will have you flying safe in no time.

Trampoline and ROCK CLIMBING Parties

Got a group? We've got you.

From fifth birthdays to Father’s Day … whatever the occasion, we’re always up for a party. Our team will work with you to tailor a party package that best suits your celebration.