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Safety at Sky Zone

Rules are Rules

Sky Zone is a place to let go. It’s a place to have fun. There’s no two ways about it. But it’s also a place filled with a lot of physical activity. And with some of the tricks we’ve seen you pull? We’d even go as far as to call it an extreme sport. As with all sports and physical stuff, there’s always the potential for serious accidents.

So, we have a few guidelines. If you don’t follow these you might lose your jump time and nobody wants that. Rules are rules.

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Australian Trampoline Parks Association

Sky Zone is a founding member of the Australian Trampoline Park Association (ATPA). The ATPA governs safety standards across the Australian trampoline park industry and actively promotes safety and good governance for trampoline parks.

All Sky Zone venues have been independently assessed and awarded compliance with these standards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers. Head to www.atpa.org.au for more information on ATPA.



We’re not here to stop you having fun but we are here to stop you hurting yourself, your mates or others. Know your limits and don’t try jump beyond your skill level. Here’s a few things we don’t want you to do, even if you think you could

Do not double bounce.

Double bouncing is dangerous.It’s one of the main causes of injuries. So, no double bouncing.

No double flips.

Single flips, yes. Double flips, no. If you are that good we look forward to seeing your double flips at the next Olympics, just not in our park, sorry.

No nonsense.

This means no pushing or tackling or similar shenanigans. These add an element of danger we’re not cool with.

No more than two flips in a row.

Going from flip to flip to flip is not allowed. It may seem like a good idea, but we have seen what happens next and it ain’t pretty.

Size Separation.

To help reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries we size separate our jumpers. This means that smaller children cannot jump near bigger children or adults.

Stay in the centre of the trampoline.

Try to stay in the centre of the trampoline when jumping to avoid hitting the frame and injuring yourself. That means no landing on the pads, just the centre of the trampoline.

Do not sit or lie on the court.

If you are tired and need to rest, you must get off the court. If you sit or lie on the court, people might land on you and that’s probably going to hurt.

Wear appropriate clothing.

No matter how awesome they look, hanging zips, stringy things, loopy bits and belts can get caught on things. When you are on the trampolines avoid wearing them. And don’t forget to empty your pockets, remove your jewellery and your watches – you don’t want to lose them.

Sky Zone Socks.

Our socks give you the right grip when jumping. No Sky Zone socks, no jumping. Simples.

No Climbing.

Bouncing off the walls is fine, but no climbing the walls or the netting, or no hanging from the top pads. We’re a trampoline park, not a jungle gym.

No drugs. No Alcohol.

Drinking, drugs and jumping? Silly. Don’t do it.

No tackling or pushing.

Not cool. You will be asked to leave if you are seen tackling, pushing or hurting anyone else.

Be alert.

People of all ages and sizes use the park. Avoid doing things that might harm anyone else. This includes things like double bouncing, more than one person on a trampoline, or switching trampolines in a dangerous way. And keep an eye out for others.

Pit Rules

Use your feet, not your head. Don't jump into the Foam Pit or Air Bag headfirst.

Assumption of Risk

Participation in trampoline activities is an inherently dangerous recreational activity and involves a level of risk that each participant must evaluate on their own. By using this facility, you are assuming a risk of serious injury or death. WARNING!!! Catastrophic injury, paralysis or even death may result from failing to follow the rules below and due to inherent risks, sometimes even if all rules are followed.

Sky Zone Waiver

Before arriving, all guests must complete and sign the online Sky Zone waiver. This will take you less than 1 minute to complete, so we’ll have you flying safe in no time! This is a common industry practice and as of Thursday 18 March, we’ve now moved to make this a requirement for Sky Zone Australia.