About Sky Zone

We are Sky Zone, the world's first indoor trampoline park. Hundreds of trampolines, all connected to form one massive trampoline that literally allows you to jump off the walls.

It’s the freedom of flight. It’s exhilaration. It’s accidental exercise. Flukey fitness. Sneaky sweat. It’s our passion for doing the stuff we’re meant to do to stay healthy and active… without the boring bit.

It’s a place to forget who you are, where you are, what you do and why you do it. It’s an even playing field. Seven-foot-two? Good for you. Two-foot-seven? It doesn’t matter. Tall, short, fat, skinny, hairy, bald, boy, girl, man, woman, ugly, supermodel, big nose, weird elbows. Kids, grannies, everyone in between. We just don’t care. That stuff’s not important when you’re striking killer mid-air poses, dodging balls, slamming dunks, having fun.

It’s the right place to lose control.

It’s a place to tell the world go jump.

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Rules & Safety

Sky Zone is a place to let go. It’s a place to have fun. There’s no two ways about it. But it’s also a place filled with a lot of physical activity. We’d even go as far as to call it an extreme sport. That's why we have some rules to keep you safe.

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Do I need to book for Sky Zone?

You can (we love spontaneity, after all) but fun sells out fast and sometimes we reach full capacity. We suggest you buy your tickets beforehand here. 

Do I have to be in a group for Sky Zone?

No way. Sometimes flying solo is the best way to do it.

What time are the jump sessions at Sky Zone?

Take-off is every hour, on the hour.

What is the age limit at Sky Zone?

If you can walk you can jump.

Do Sky Zone have food and drinks?

Do we ever. Our Altitude Canteen is your one-stop shop for all your food and drink purchasing needs.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to Sky Zone?

High energy fun needs high energy fuel. We've taken care of it for you. Our Altitude Canteen has all the food and drink you need to stay energized. No external food and drinks allowed.

Will my little ones get crushed at Sky Zone?

We know that one size doesn't always fit all. To make sure we don't have big kids crushing our little leapers, our jump sessions come with a bit of a size separation policy. Make sure you jump in the appropriately sized section. Our Sky Guards will be on duty to make sure our policies are adhered to.

What should I wear to Sky Zone?

To ensure maximum jump-time joy, you need to be comfortable. We know you don’t want to look like a dork, so we’re pretty flexible, but remember it needs to be flipping-through-the-air appropriate.
Also: No Sky Zone socks, no jumping. Rules are rules. They are available for $3 in the check-in area.

Is there supervision at Sky Zone?

There sure is. Our fun and friendly Sky Guards will ensure the flightpath stays smooth.

What kind of payment methods do Sky Zone accept?

We accept all major credit and debt cards, as well as EFTPOS! Please be aware that due to COVID-19 we are a cashless venue and won't accepting cash payments.

For any further questions, feel free to call our team at 13 75 99.

What is the cancellation policy at Sky Zone?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds.

What if I am late for my session at Sky Zone?

We will get you going as soon as possible but your time will finish on the scheduled hour. We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your session starts to avoid missing valuable hang time.

What shoes should I wear to Sky Zone?

If you're Jumping or using our Enduro course you will need to wear our Sky Zone Socks. Sky Climb and Laser Tag requires flat, closed in shoes to be worn to climb.

Can I bring my selfie-stick to Sky Zone?

We love a good selfie as much as the next person, but selfie-sticks (including GoPro sticks) are not permitted as they are a hazard to both you and other jumpers and climbers.

Can I jump with a cast on at Sky Zone?

Unfortunately not, but we look forward to welcoming you back when you're cast-free.

When is the best time to jump at Sky Zone?

At Sky Zone, we want everyone to feel the anti gravity fun. To make it safe and enjoyable for you, we recommend the below jumping times:

Weekdays 10am-1pm:
- Little Leapers toddler sessions

Weekdays 1pm to 5pm*:
- Students

Weekdays 1pm to close*:
- General jumpers

All day Saturday and Sunday:
- General jumper

*Times may vary at different locations. See locations pages for exact times.

Do Sky Zone have lockers?

Yes! We have lockers to secure your belongings while you jump or climb. Please empty your pockets of phones, iPods, keys, and any other items that can cause injury or be lost or broken and store them in your locker.

How do I book a birthday party or special occasion at Sky Zone?

You can book online in the Parties section of this website, call 13 SKYZ or email [email protected] for more information

Is there a weight limit to jump at Sky Zone?

Unfortunately we are unable to allow anyone over 140kgs to jump on trampolines due to health and safety reasons.

Do I have to be fit to jump at Sky Zone?

You don’t need to be a marathon runner, but we advise anyone with individual weight or fitness concerns to consult a doctor and receive medical clearance before coming and jumping at Sky Zone.

What forms of payment are accepted at Sky Zone?

We accept all major credit and debt cards, as well as EFTPOS! Please be aware that due to COVID-19 we are a cashless venue and won't accepting cash payments.

For any further questions, feel free to call our team at 13 75 99.

Do I have to sign a waiver to visit Sky Zone?

Yes, due to new health and safety standards before arriving at Sky Zone please complete and sign the online Sky Zone waiver here. This should take you less than 1 minute to complete. We will have you flying safe in no time.

Do you accept companion cards?

Yes! Sky Zone offers a separate rate for all guests with disabilities, along with any accompanying carers. Please contact us directly at 13 75 99 so we can assist with your booking.

Eat & drink

Altitude CaFE

You can’t jump on an empty stomach and you can’t jump well when you’re full of junk. We’ve put together a menu full of delicious, healthy and filling food that we think you’ll like. But no good canteen is complete without a few sugary treats, so we’ve got that covered. Slushies, anyone? Don’t worry, Mum and Dad, we’ve taken care of coffee too.
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